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What Is the Challenge?

Thank you for taking the Healthy Pet Challenge.

The Challenge was created to encourage pet parents to take a serious look at what they’re feeding their pets every day. With the regular occurrence of food and treat recalls, it’s no longer safe to simply put your trust in just any brand of pet products.

Life’s Abundance Benefits

  • Veterinarian Formulation
  • Never been recalled
  • No by-products
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No GMO’s
  • No Corn, Wheat, or Glutens
  • Grain Free

Life’s Abundance has an A+ rating with BBB, and is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from real customer reviews.

Start Your Challenge Today

Taking the Challenge is easy. At your pets next meal time, simply place the Life’s Abundance sample in a separate dish next to their regular food and see which one they prefer. If your pet is like most, they will go straight for the Life’s Abundance because they instinctively know which food they should eat. Pet’s don’t lie!

Show Us What Happened

Use your phone to record a short 1 minute video of which food your pet chose and text it to me asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When Should I Start The Challenge?
A. Today. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they run out of their current food before they use the sample but it’s best to have plenty of your old food on hand so you can make a gradual switch.

Q. How Much Food Should I Give?
A. We recommend that you feed the same amount as your other food when doing the Challenge. If your pet loves Life’s Abundance and you decide to switch, it’s best to mix the foods and gradually make the transition to Life’s Abundance over about 5 days.

Q. Is a Taste Test the Best Way to Judge a Food?
A. No. Although we Challenge you to do this with Life’s Abundance, it’s not the best way of determining a good food. Remember, most pets will eat almost anything including sticks, grass, and even their own waste! This is why we encourage you to do your homework on what you purchase.

Q. My Pet Loved Life’s Abundance. What Should I Do Now?
A. Use the remainder of your Life’s Abundance sample and start making a gradual switch away from your pet’s old food. Place an order for Life’s Abundance so you can make a full transition. Don’t worry about finishing your old food. Your pet’s health and happiness are worth the switch.

Q. How Do I Order Life’s Abundance?
A. We’ve made ordering super simple. Either get back with me directly, or click the Shop Now button below to order online.

Q. What Other Products Do You Have?
A. Life’s Abundance offers a variety of food, treats, supplements, and pet care products. Just browse my website to see our extensive variety. It’s always a great idea to compliment our food with our healthful treats.

Q. Why Do Some Pets Have Runny Stools After Switching.
A. This is usually caused by changing foods too quickly. The fiber source of Life’s Abundance may be different from your old food. For this reason we recommend a gradual switch to Life’s Abundance over a period of 5 days. Additionally, Life’s Abundance features an advanced gut health system designed to drastically reduce issues related to sensitive stomachs.

Q. What If My Pet Won’t Eat It?
A.  Most pets instantly love the freshness and meatiness of our foods, but if your pet doesn’t respond quite as fast, we recommend giving it another try later. Some pets don’t respond quickly to change. But remember, you’re the parent. Mom and dad know best!

Q. Will Life’s Abundance Cost More?
A.  Not usually. Life’s Abundance dog food costs about $2.50 per lb. and our cat food costs about $3.65 per lb. depending on the bag size. Most premium store bought foods easily cost that much (or more) even though they aren’t shipped fresh. Grocery store foods may cost less per bag but contain fillers so you’ll probably need to feed twice as much.

Q. How Much Is Shipping?
A. Amazingly cheap. We can ship almost any size order for $8.85 and have it to most homes within 2 business days. Go ahead, fill your shopping cart with everything you need and see for yourself.

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